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Located at the corner of 95th Street and Metcalf Avenue, Central Square will provide a timeless yet unexpected shopping, dining, and entertainment experience in Overland Park, Kansas.

The proposed plans for Central Square are conceptual and designed with flexibility to react to the market and certain pivotal tenants if approved by the City.

Latest News

Central Square Plans Withdrawn

Our development and architectural team is proud of the Central Square plan we have offered for the 95th and Metcalf corridor. We have put thousands of hours into the planning of this project, received positive feedback from both potential retailers and community members, and believe it is an exciting, balanced and realistic fit for this intersection and the surrounding neighborhoods.

We believe our views regarding this project, the process and the realities of today’s marketplace are too far apart from those of the City. Therefore, we have made the decision to withdraw our proposed redevelopment plan.

Whether for or against, the passion shown from neighbors and community members for this critical intersection has been unbelievable. We greatly appreciate all your time and ideas given to create a more beautiful place to live, shop and work.

At this time, our ownership group does not know what our future plans for the property entail, but we will announce it at the appropriate time in the future.

Planning Commission Presentation August 24, 2015

Our development team will again be presenting before the Overland Park Planning Commission at 1:30 pm on Monday, August 24.  We agree with the City staff that a mixed-used project makes perfect sense at this intersection, and we have included retail, multifamily and office in our plan.  The new renderings just released (see Our Vision) show our proposed layout and general design. Our vision of Central Square continues to consist of a combination of local and boutique shops in a quaint atmosphere, co-existing with mid and larger format retailers. We believe both components are essential to a successful project. The small shops require the many customers generated from the larger stores, and the larger stores are enhanced by the smaller shops to help create a shopping destination that has been missing from this intersection for at least 15 years. We also believe it is in keeping with many of the principles of Vision Metcalf.

The City staff is advocating an urban design. They desire much more density and more structured parking than we are showing.  We feel their ideas are appropriate in downtown cities or ultra-populated areas, but not in a suburban location such as 95th and Metcalf.  Our experience, discussions with retailers, and extensive market research indicate this approach is not economically feasible for potential retailers, nor the developer.  The City is also advocating that we add more apartments to the project.  We are concerned that there are too many new apartment projects, both in this area and across the metro, and respectfully do not think this is prudent. That could change in the future, and if it does, we would consider this option at that time.

However, if you study our plan you will find many components that are borrowed from urban properties. These components include structured parking, creative offices with balconies above retail, numerous public gathering areas, street grid systems with street parking and amenities,  a series of smaller parking lots rather than one lot, many times hidden from the view of our shops or from busy Metcalf Avenue and 95th Street, a pedestrian-friendly, walkable grid system providing complete connections to and from anywhere, including a jogging trail circling the entire project, and more.  In fact, many of these attributes were inspired by the Overland Park City Planning Staff and have helped make the plan better.

We believe this location can appropriately support a balance of unique, beautiful and urbanistic style buildings along with mid and large format retailers, who do require surface parking, but also bring shoppers back to this area. Our plan is inspired by the fundamentals that make shopping destinations like the Brookside Shops and the intersection of 119th and Roe (including Town Center, Hawthorne Plaza, Camelot Court and “One-Nineteen”) popular, successful, fun and sustainable.

Our primary objective: To simply make Central Square a place where people want to be, therefore enhancing area homes and neighborhoods. Beautiful, but Convenient: Something for Everyone

We encourage you to study the other pages on this web site; “Project Overview,” which is a narrative description of our plan, and “Our Vision,” which shows the plan in a pictorial format.  Please come and voice your opinion at the Overland Park City Hall at 1:30 pm on August 24th. If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to voice your support, you can email your comments to the Planning Commission staff at PlanningCommission@opkansas.org.

Planning Commission to Review Plans

We recently submitted our Preliminary Development Plan to the City of Overland Park. The submitted plan can be viewed here via the City’s Planning and Development Department.  The current schedule calls for the Planning Commission to review the plan at their August meeting. This meeting will also offer an opportunity for the public to voice their views. The meeting will be held on August 10, at 1:30 PM.

In this latest plan, you will see that we have made various modifications based on feedback from both the public and the City planning staff. We feel the plan continues to improve in many different ways, yet keeps its flexibility for future opportunities.  Our vision, objectives, and goals remain consistent with what we have stated previously and can be read on this website in the Project Overview section.  Other renderings and conceptual drawings can be viewed in the Vision section.

Preliminary Development Plans Submitted

Preliminary Development Plans were submitted today to the City of Overland Park, in accordance with the City’s development requirements. Preliminary Development Plans (PDPs) are detailed plans of the proposed project including site plans, civil drawings, and conceptual architecture plans. Once reviewed, the city will determine to approve or request revision to these plans before moving forward. While these plans are subject to change after approval, this is an important milestone in the development process, and brings us one step closer to bringing Central Square: Overland Park to life!

For more information about the City of Overland Park’s development process, please visit http://www.opkansas.org/city-government/department-directory/planning-and-development-services/

Central Square TIF District Approved

After a unanimous vote from the Overland Park City Council, a TIF District was successfully created at the site of LANE4’s proposed Central Square Development, at 95th Street and Metcalf Avenue. The creation of this district represents the completion of one of many steps necessary to take this project from plan to fruition. The next public meeting has not been scheduled yet, please check back soon for updates!

For more information about the TIF approval, click here.

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